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Classrooms are dynamic environments and our lesson is an interactive event in which children react with each other and with the language. Our Lesson Plan guides the teacher to help their students achieve the aim/objective of the lesson. Though a Lesson Plan is neither an exact script nor a lesson blueprint to be followed precisely, nor it is what we imagine should happen verbatim, but it certainly arranges our course of action and once we put it into action, many things may happen, maybe some we had not anticipated. In addition, if we outline our procedure and include useful information, it will minimize problems or unplanned situations. Hence, it is paramount that we have a good lesson plan because it will always help the teacher to conduct her lesson in an orderly fashion. Furthermore, in the absence of the regular teacher, another teacher substitute) is always able to pick up the Lesson Plan, walk into the classroom and teach it.

Our weekly lesson plans allow the parents to know what their children are going to learn and how it fits into the course syllabus.




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